Safeway Website FAQ’s

Is there a minimum charge or time to store?

Normally 1 month minimum charge but we can do short term charges to suit special circumstances. We also refund any unused rental once you have stayed a minimum of 1 month.

How do I know what size unit I will need?

We have 40 different size units available from a locker size to units that are bigger than a double car garage. We have something to suit everyone and you only pay for what you need. Use our space calculator to estimate how much space you might need;

Are there any other initial charges?

Only that you need to purchase a padlock, which we sell or you can bring your own. We also offer and recommend competitively priced insurance for your stored goods.

Am I automatically covered for Insurance whilst my goods are in storage?

No, we recommend you take out a comprehensive policy with us when you move in, to cover for unforeseen circumstances. The costs are very competitive. You may be covered by your current home and contents insurance at our facility but you would need to check this with your insurance company.

How can I pay for my storage?

We accept cash, credit card, EFTpos & cheques. You can even set-up a bank to bank transfer or an auto-debit from your credit card or saving account.

How does my storage rental get billed?

Normally monthly but we can do weekly & fortnightly – you can also pay in advance and get a discount (3, 6 & 12 months). We will email your invoices.

Do I get a refund if I move out early?

Once you have stayed a minimum of 1 month & you have given us the required 7 days’ notice to vacate, yes, we will refund any unused rental back to you. Thus you are never locked into a ‘contract’ or ‘lease’ – we use a ‘storage agreement’.

Can I still access my unit if I have not paid my rent?

No, you will need to come into the office and pay your account to have access to your unit. If your bill is over 42 days overdue, we then have rights to enter your unit, sell or dispose of your goods as per your storage agreement.

What sort of security do you have?

We have state of the art security with individually alarmed units and CCTV video cameras around the facility and also a 24/7 on-site manager, should anything arise after hours.

How is Safeway different?

We pride ourselves on being the best in the business. We have purpose designed buildings ALL on one level, no stairs or lifts. Our units are clean, pest controlled and well maintained, no pods or stacked modules that are hard to access. We have state of the art security, 24/7 access, an onsite manager & super wide all weather covered driveways and most importantly great customer service! We are the only award winning facility on the Gold Coast. Storage facilities vary significantly and this can make a big difference when you want to access your goods especially in the heat and rain. Read what some of our customers say about us;

Who will have access to my unit?

Only the person who signed the storage lease will have access to the unit, unless you give your keys & pin-code to a family member or friend. We do not hold keys for your unit, unless organised & approved by management – business/commercial clients.

What does ‘pin-code access’ mean?

This means you choose your own unique numerical six digit pin-code to gain access to enter & exit the facility. This code also controls the alarm on each & every unit thus further protecting your goods whilst they are here. ALL alarms are monitored 24hrs a day by the staff & ‘On-site Manager’.

Can I downsize/upsize at any time?

Yes you can, you can always change sizes to suit your changing needs & there is no charge to change sizes.

Who keeps the key to the storage unit?

You do, you place your own padlock on your unit and keep the key.

Do I need ID when I come in to store with you?

Yes, we are required to take a copy of your drivers’ licence for you to store with us.

What if the unit I booked is not big enough?

As we have 40 different sizes, we can change your space size when you arrive and will always do our best to fit you into our most affordably sized unit to suit your needs.

Do you sell boxes & packaging materials?

Yes, we sell everything from pens, bubble wrap, many sized boxes and even mattress, lounge & chair covers.

When can I access my goods whilst in storage?

Normal access is between 6.00am & 8.00pm every day of the week, every day of the year. 24hr access is available upon request & approval by management.

Can you recommend a removalist?

Yes, we can, see link for local and interstate recommendations or call our friendly staff for more information.

Do you offer business storage?

Yes, we have many business customers who use our facility. Using self storage is a great idea for the small business owner so you don’t have to rent a costly commercial facility. We can even collect your courier deliveries for you and place them in your unit.

Do you offer a fork lift, pallet jack or trolleys to move goods?

Sure do, we have all of these available and our friendly staff can ensure your move in is a smooth experience.

Can you accept deliveries?

Yes we can collect deliveries for you in your absence, just advise our staff of your deliveries and we will have them waiting for you in your unit, it’s all part of our service.

Do you have shelving options?

Yes we offer professional archive shelving and we can erect it for you in the format you require before your arrival.

Do I have drive-up access or do I have to go up any stairs?

Our facility is all on one level and we have no stairs. Our large units are drive-up, roller door style units. The smaller units are all easily accessed via the ‘all weather’ covered driveways and hall ways on the ground level.

Is there anything I cannot store?

Yes, you cannot store any hazardous, dangerous, illegal, stolen, perishable, environmentally harmful or explosive goods e.g. Petrol, chlorine, acid and paint.

Where are you located? We are centrally located on the Gold Coast on Southport-Nerang Road and only a stones throw from the M1 (Exit 69).