Storage facility vs container storage

There has been a lot of recent interest around the many uses of shipping containers, they are now being used for all sorts of concept ideas from houses, pop up shops, green spaces and even pools. The idea of using containers for storage is often a question we are asked at Safeway.

The growth in popularity is mainly due to costs, but there are also environmental benefits of reusing materials and they are also quick to build & relocate. But have you considered that when you make the decision to save money and choose a shipping container exactly what could happen to your stored goods?
Typically, used shipping containers have high levels of chemical reside. They are coated in lead-based paint to withstand ocean spray. As they are tightly sealed there is no air circulation so when left for long periods of time there is heat build-up, which can severely affect stored good for a period of time.

Typical storage containers cannot be fitted with heating or cooling systems, hence why they seem like a cheaper option. Some containers are specifically designed for refrigerated storage & have power, these are mostly suited to food vendors at festivals or markets where they are purpose designed and need to be frequently moved.

Storage shipping containers can often be in large industrial areas or big buildings or even stacked outside in some cases, roasting in the sun in the summer months.

container storage facility

Heat and air circulation is one potential problem and there is also the issue of security. Anyone can cut a lock off a container if it’s in an unsecured area, like your front yard for example.  When you store at a professional storage facility like Safeway, you can be rest assured we have specifically designed insulated storage buildings with covered driveways (as picture on right above), so you are guaranteed your goods are in the right environment for the purpose of storage. We also have state of the art security and an on site manager who monitors our individually alarmed units so your goods are always safe.

Shipping containers are ideal for industrial office spaces, trade show booths and pop-up retail outlets but from our vast experience in the storage industry, they are a monumental mistake for storage your goods for a long period of time.  Containers are ideal for relocating overseas, your goods will be sealed tight when ‘shipped’ which requires moving on docks and ships, exactly what they are designed for.

Often the attraction of saving money on storage is what sways some people but many clients end up coming back to our facility due to not so favourable experiences with container storage. If we can help you in any way or you would like a tour of our facility, call into Ashmore and see our friendly staff today.

We offer storage from only $20 per week. Use our storage calculator to estimate how much space you might need,

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