Hints & Tips if you are moving yourself into storage

Have you ever watched a removalist pack a truck or pack a storage unit & wondered, ‘How do they do it’? Well, it really isn’t that hard, I guess you’d say it just takes ‘common sense’.

If you are moving the goods yourself then it really starts with being organized. Pack boxes fully & with suitable cushioning (especially with boxes containing the fragile items). Try to use similar size boxes & most importantly, use the right box for the right items! Also, don’t forget to tape your boxes & seal them thoroughly – DON’T fold the flaps in on each other. Clearly mark what is in each box (ever looked for a TV remote or an important document and not known which box it is packed in!!!!!!!!!!). Mark boxes that contain fragile items accordingly & don’t forget to treat them accordingly. If desks, beds or other items of furniture can be pulled apart, do it – this can help reduce wasted space in a storage unit. Before you even move your goods into storage, think about what you “may” & “may not” need access too – this can save you pulling half of your unit out to get to something. The obvious – clean the fridge out & let it dry, completely empty your washing machine of water, make sure any furniture that is cloth or fabric (lounges & mattress’s) are completely dry & make plans to cover them whilst in storage (plastic covers, sheets, etc). If you are pulling beds & cabinets apart, remember to store the nuts bolts & screws in a sensible place – a great place for any nuts & bolts from your bed is to place them in a bedside cabinet. Another great idea is to use a zip-lock sandwich style bag, thus ensuring all those bits & pieces can’t be lost.

Once you are ready to start packing your unit, remember your list of items you may need access to – leave them to last & pack the rest in first. Bulky items in & lighter items on top, stand beds & bed frames on their end, even look at putting mattress’s on top of something like a TV cabinet. Pack boxes of the same size on top of each other, heaviest first & lightest on top. Remember to wedge your fridge door open to stop mildew growth & help eliminate offensive odours (yes, don’t even go there). Put plastic covers/protectors over mattress’s, lounges & fabric items to help protect them. Of course, try to use the length, width & height of your storage space, thus ensuring you are only paying for the actual amount of space you need. Things like butchers hooks can be used to hang bikes & longer light items from any roof beams that may be in your unit. You can even use old blankets/sheets to act as cushioning/protection between items like bedside cabinets, chest of drawers, tables & chairs.

A little bit of extra time & effort/organization when packing yours good in can & will make a difference, especially if your goods are going to be in storage long-term. If done properly it can even save you time & money – remember, you should only pay for the amount of space you need!

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