Declutter your house for sale using Self Storage

Have you ever heard the real estate catch-word ‘declutter’ being used when you go to put your house on the market? It basically means you are making your house or unit appear larger, more open & uncluttered, thus making it more attractive to a potential buyer.

Most real estate agents will recommend decluttering your residence – it makes sense, especially when you consider that if you get a higher sale price, then potentially they get a higher commission! Renting a small storage space for as little as $20 a week & getting thousands, maybe tens of thousands of extra dollars for your final sale price really does sound attractive doesn’t it. It’s all about creating a clean spacious and uncluttered space that a potential buyer can fall in love with.


Perspecitve buyers don’t want to see family portraits, they want to visualize themselves in your space, so remove all personal photos & heirlooms. It’s hard for potential buyers to see past personal artifacts, create more space and store it.

At Safeway we have a huge variation of sizes available, you can thus rent a small space to suit the usual spare room junk & the decluttering for sale items or up to a large unit that can hold a 4-5 bedroom house. Some clients have even had professional stylists come in and they have stored all their belongings to make the house look clean & uncluttered to ensure maximum sale value. You only pay for the space you use at Safeway.

At our facility, we don’t lock you into a contract so you will only pay for the duration of the stay that you require – the quicker you sell your residence, the less you will pay in storage. Of course, once you sell you may also need to store short term or long term until you are ready to move to the next residence, thus you can upsize or downsize your storage needs for any length of time.

If you are going to declutter the house, remember to pack loose items into boxes & mark what is in each box, so you know what’s been packed away to be stored. Also, remember to make sure everything you plan to get out of your residence is clean, dry & where possible, pulled apart – thus it will pack easily & quickly into storage & help keep your storage requirements to a minimum.

Safeway has 7 days access to your storage unit, thus if by chance you do need to access something you have packed away, you can!

We also offer a FREE trailer to help keep costs down when you are moving into storage, just call our staff to book.

The whole idea of this is to make a little extra money by simply decluttering your house before putting it on the market.

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